Looking to connect your Canon printer to a computer over a wireless network? Then, read this article completely to learn the procedure in detail.The Canon imageCLASS D570 Wi-Fi setup is pretty easy to perform. This printer offers three different Wi-Fi Access Modes: Infrastructure Mode, WPS Easy Set Up, and Wi-Fi Direct Connection. You can use any one of these methods to set up the machine over the wireless network.We have shown you how to perform the Canon imageCLASS D570 Wireless setup process using the "Infrastructure Mode" and "WPS" Easy Setup in the section below. Read the instructions carefully and execute the same for the errorless setup.

CANON D570 Printer Wireless Setup

Wireless Infrastructure Mode

To perform this method, you need a wireless router. So, before you begin, ensure that your router is ready to use. Then, follow these instructions to connect your devices via infrastructure mode.

  • Switch on your Canon D570 printer.
  • Open the Settings screen.
  • Choose the Network Settings option on the opened screen.
  • Now, if you’re prompted to type the System Manager PIN of your printer, enter it using the numeric buttons and press OK to continue the wireless setup process.
  • Choose Wireless LAN Settings > OK > Yes > OK.
  • Select the SSID Settings option on the Wireless LAN Settings screen.
  • Choose the Select Access Point option to allow the printer to detect your wireless network’s SSID. (If you wish to enter the network credentials manually, choose the Enter Manually option on the same screen).
  • Select your router’s network name and type its security key in the given field to connect the printer to it.
  • Choose Yes if the following screen opens.
  • The “Connected” message will be displayed on your printer screen once the machine is connected to the wireless network.
  • Now, connect your computer to the same network and start printing using the printer driver.

Using The Push Method Of WPS

If your wireless router has a WPS button, use the WPS method to perform the Canon imageCLASS D570 Wi-Fi setup.

  • Initially, ensure that your Canon printer and wireless router are turned on and placed in the same room or within the network range.
  • Now, open the Wireless LAN Settings screen on your printer. (Refer to the instructions above for the same).
  • Choose the WPS Push Button Mode option followed by Yes.
  • Press your router’s WPS button and hold it for the next 2 seconds.
  • Now, if the Wi-Fi light is blinking on your printer, it means the machine is trying to connect to the network.
  • Once your Canon ImageCLASS D570 connected to wifi network, the light becomes stable, and the Connected message will be displayed on the screen.

We hope the instructions above have helped you perform the Canon imageCLASS D570 Wi-Fi setup process. Need further assistance in setting up the printer over a wireless network? Contact us now.

CANON D570 Not Connected To Computer?- 5 Fixes To Try

Is your Canon Printer Not Connecting To Computer over a wireless network? Then, try these simple troubleshooting solutions to resolve it.

  • Turn on the device. The printer can’t detect your computer if it is turned off. Make sure that your computer is turned on.
  • Connect the devices to the same network. You might face this problem if your printer and computer are connected to different wireless networks. Ensure that they are connected to the same network.
  • Relocate the devices. The printer can’t detect your computer over a wireless network if they are in between the electromagnetic devices, such as microwave ovens, Bluetooth devices, etc. Relocate the devices and see if your problem is rectified. Also, ensure that the wireless router is placed closer to the printer and computer.
  • Disable the firewall settings. Some firewall settings configured on your network can block the printer from connecting to your computer. Temporarily, disable the settings and then try to connect the printer to your computer to resolve this issue.
  • Restart the devices. A simple restart can resolve the hidden and common bugs. So, restart the printer and computer and then connect them to the same network.

Feel free to contact us if you need further assistance with the Canon ImageCLASS D570 Wireless Setup process.