Preparing For The Wi-fi Setup

You can set up the Canon imageCLASS MF269dw printer over a wireless network in just two simple steps.

  • Connect the printer to Wi-Fi
  • Install the printer drivers on your computer
  • The Canon printer’s hardware setup is completed.
  • Before you begin the Wi-Fi setup, it is better to check if your printer is ready for the same. You can do this by ensuring the following:

  • The printer is not connected to your computer over a wired or USB connection.
  • The most compatible and recent version of the printer driver is downloaded for your OS type, and it is ready to use.
  • The wireless router (that you’re using for the Wi-Fi setup) is turned on and connected to a stable internet connection.
  • The Windows or Mac computer (on which you wish to install the printer) is connected to the wireless network.

Connect Canon Printer To Wifi

  • Switch on your Canon printer if it is turned off.
  • Check whether the Energy Saver option is enabled if your printer screen is lit.
  • If yes, press the Energy Saver button on your printer’s operational panel to disable it.
  • Ensure that the Home screen of your printer is opened.
  • Choose the Menu option to begin the Wi-Fi setup.
  • Begin Wi-Fi Setup On Canon Imageclass MF269dw Wireless Setup
  • Tap on the Network Settings option on the Menu screen of your printer.
  • Type in your imageCLASS printer’s PIN if prompted.
  • Choose the Wireless LAN Settings option followed by Yes.
  • Now, the printer will try to configure the wireless LAN settings.
  • Once it is done, the “For more information...” screen will open. Tap OK on it.
  • Now, the Wireless LAN Settings screen displaying the list of available connection methods will open.
  • Choose the connection method of your desire from the list of suggestions.
  • In this section, we have taken the SSID Settings option.
  • Display Their SSIDs On The Screen
  • Now, your imageCLASS printer will try to detect the wireless networks within its range and display their SSIDs on the screen.
  • Choose your network’s name from the list.
  • Type the selected network’s security key in the given field.
  • Connect your Canon printer to the selected Wi-Fi network by following the rest of the prompts displayed on the screen.
  • Once the printer is connected to Wi-Fi, the Connected message will be displayed on the printer’s screen, and the Wi-Fi light turns solid green.

Download Printer Software

The Canon ImageCLASS MF269dw wireless setup is incomplete without the driver installation. Canon ImageCLASS MF269dw Driver Download on your computer to finish the Wi-Fi setup. The driver installation is straightforward. However, the process might vary slightly based on the OS type you’re using.

Driver For Windows

  • Open the downloaded Canon imageCLASS MF269dw MF.exe printer driver file.
  • Click Run if necessary.
  • Accept the license agreement of the printer.
  • Choose the Network Connection (for Network Models) option on the “Select the Type of Connection” screen.
  • Select your printer when prompted.
  • Similarly, choose the printer drivers you wish to install on your computer when prompted.
  • Install the printer driver by following the prompts displayed on the screen.

Driver For Mac

  • Run the downloaded Canon ImageCLASS MF269dw Driver file on your Mac computer.
  • Reach the Installation Type screen by following the prompts displayed on the screen.
  • Click on the Install button on the opened screen.
  • Type your Mac computer’s user name and password in the given fields if prompted.
  • After entering them, click the Install Software button.
  • Click The Install Software Button
  • Wait for the necessary drivers to install on your computer.
  • Once they are installed, the Add Printer screen will open. Click Close on it.
  • Open the Printers & Scanners screen on your Mac computer to add the installed printer to the Printers’ list.
  • Click Plus on the opened screen.
  • Now, the dialog box displaying the available printers will open.
  • Choose your printer in the Add dialog box.
  • Type your printer name in the Name field.
  • Choose the Canon MF269dw Driver from the Use drop-down menu.
  • Choose The Driver
  • Finally, click Add.
  • Now, you can see your printer name listed on the Printers & Scanners screen.
  • Select it and click the Print tab to check whether the Canon MF269dw wireless setup is done correctly.
  • If the printer prints the test page successfully, it signifies that the Wi-Fi setup is done correctly.
  • Otherwise, you need to re-perform the setup or contact us.

You can also contact us if you need real-time assistance in performing the Canon imageCLASS MF269dw wireless setup. Just use the call option provided on this page for the purpose.