HP LaserJet Pro M15W Features

The HP LaserJet Pro M15W printer’s compact, space-saving design can fit any space and decor. With a print speed of up to 19ppm, you are always ahead. This printer with an excellent printing speed doesn’t compromise on quality. It keeps on delivering exceptional quality prints consistently, page after page. It lets you print directly from the cloud, scan via smartphone – everything is made easy. Other salient features of this printer are listed here.

  • Up to 19ppm print speed
  • Laser Print technology
  • LED display
  • Automatic paper sensor
  • Supports Apple AirPrint; Google Cloud Print 2.0; Mopria-certified; Wi-Fi Direct, and HP Smart App


This is the part where you look and feel your printer. Unboxing your own printer could be satisfying. But, ensure there is no physical damage to the packaging and also the printer. If you find any damage, contact the supplier immediately.

  • Remove the tapes on the package to open the box.
  • Take out the documents and accessories and save them for future use.
  • Remove the printer carefully out of the package and place it on a flat surface.
  • Take off the protective foam and cover.
  • Peel off the orange tapes and paper from the printer.
  • Open the toner cartridge access door.
  • Take out any packing material from inside.
  • Remove the toner cartridge.
  • Do not touch the roller surface.
  • Remove the orange tabs from the cartridge.
  • Pull the orange ring on the side of the toner cartridge to remove the protective film.
  • Reinsert the cartridge.
  • Close the toner cartridge access door.
  • Connect the power cable.
  • Turn on your printer.


  • Flip down the main paper tray.
  • Flip the paper tray extension.
  • Slide the paper guides to the edges.
  • Insert plain, unfolded white paper into the paper tray.
  • Adjust the paper guides to the paper size.


To make your printer perform, you just need a printer driver. This section tells you how to download the correct printer driver from the official HP site.

  • Open the browser on your computer.
  • Navigate to HP's official site.
  • Hover your mouse pointer over the Support tab.
  • Click on the Software & Drivers option in the pop-up.
  • Select your device as Printer.
  • Type “M15W” and choose your printer from the suggestions.
  • On the support page, click on the Choose a different OS link.
  • Pick your operating system and OS version from the respective drop-down menus.
  • Click Change.
  • Look for drivers under the All drivers section.
  • Click Download or HP Laserjet Pro M15w Setup and Install next to the driver you wish to download.


Once the download completes, go to the Downloads folder on your computer and run the setup file.

  • Click on the Continue button on the instructions screen.
  • When “Let’s get started” is prompted, click Continue.
  • On the Software Selections screen, click Next.
  • Click the checkbox in the bottom-left corner of the screen to agree to the installation agreements and settings.
  • Select Next.
  • The software installation process starts.
  • When completed, you will be instructed to connect the USB cable between the devices.
  • Now, connect the USB cable to the printer and computer ports.
  • Wait until the USB connection completes.
  • Enter the necessary details when information about your device is asked and click Next.
  • The HP Laserjet Pro M15w Setup and installation process is successful, and you can start printing from your computer.


If you wish to set up your printer on a wireless network using an Android device, follow the instructions below.

  • Turn on your printer.
  • Hold down the Wireless button for 20 seconds. When you see the Attention and Power lights blink, release the Wireless button.
  • Now, on your Android device, download the HP Smart app from the official site.

Note: Check if you have connected your Android device to the network to which you wish to connect your printer.

  • After installing the HP Smart app, launch the app on your device.
  • Tap on the checkbox at the bottom to agree to the terms.
  • Tap Start.
  • HP Laserjet Pro M15w Printer Setup
  • On the Welcome screen, touch the Select a Printer option.
  • Touch The Select A Printer Option
  • Tap Continue in the dialog box.
  • Now, the app searches for your printer.
  • If you see the Set Up a New Printer button, click on it.
  • Select your printer model.
  • On the Connect Printer to Wi-Fi screen, enter the network password and tap Continue.
  • Wait for the HP printer to connect to your network.
  • When connected, you will see the “Printer Connected to Wi-Fi” message.
  • Tap Continue.
  • Next, you will be asked to install HP Print Service Plugin. Tap Continue.
  • Install the HP Print Service Plugin app.
  • Now, return to the HP Smart app.
  • If prompted to invite someone, click Not Now. You can choose Invite if you wish.
  • The setup is completed. Click on the Print a Document button to start printing.


This section tells you how to print on your Windows computer.

Basic Print Setup

  • Open the HP printer software and select the Print option.
  • Choose the printer from the list.
  • Click Properties or Preferences to change the print settings.
  • After choosing your print settings, click OK to return to the Print dialog box.
  • Pick the number of copies you want to print.
  • Click OK to start the print job.

Print Multiple Pages On A Single Sheet

  • Launch the HP printer software and select Print.
  • Select your HP printer and click the Properties or Preferences option to open the print driver.
  • Click the Layout tab.
  • Choose the correct Orientation settings from the drop-down list.
  • Select the number of pages you wish to print on a single sheet from the Pages per sheet.
  • Click the Advanced option.
  • Choose the correct Pages per Sheet Layout.
  • Next, select the correct Page Border settings.
  • Click OK.
  • In the Properties or Preferences dialog box, click OK.
  • Again, select OK in the Print dialog box.
  • The printing task starts now.

Choose Paper Type

  • After selecting the Print option in the software, choose the printer.
  • Click Properties or Preferences to launch the print driver.
  • Select Printing Shortcuts.
  • Choose the correct paper type from the Paper Type drop-down list.
  • Next, click OK to close the dialog box.
  • Now, select OK in the Print dialog box.


In case you need a guide to fix some common printer issues, this section comes quite handy. Follow the troubleshooting steps in the same order. Also, make a habit of following any warnings if given below.


    If your HP printer is not connected to Wi-Fi, check for the following things.

    • Ensure your printer and router are turned on and the power is supplied consistently.
    • Check if the SSID (Service set identifier) is correct. You need to print a network configuration page to check this. Push and hold the Resume/Cancel button until the Power light blinks.
    • Make sure your wireless network is working correctly.
    • Ensure that your printer is well placed within the wireless range of the network.
    • Remove any obstacle blocking the wireless signal. Large metal objects or walls may affect the wireless signal.
    • Also, avoid placing your printer near electronic devices that may interfere with the wireless signal. Such devices are cordless phones, motors, security cameras, Bluetooth devices, and other wireless networks.
    • Verify if you have installed the correct printer driver.
    • Check if you have chosen the correct printer port.
    • Restart the Wireless setup procedure by following the instructions in the “Wireless Setup - HP LaserJet Pro M15W” section.
    • Make sure the electrical outlet is working correctly.
    • Check for any damage on the power cord and see if it is working correctly.
    • Remove the power cord from the printer.
    • Disconnect the other end of the power cord from the electrical outlet.
    • Plug the power cord into the printer after 60 seconds.
    • Re-plug the power cord into the electrical outlet.
    • Press and release the Power button without holding it.
    • If the printer doesn’t turn on, wait for 10 seconds and press the Power button again.
    • If it doesn’t work, connect the printer to a different wall outlet. You can also use a new power cord to see if the printer is turning on.
    • If everything goes in vain, call us for better help.

    The printer may sometimes fail to pick up paper from the paper tray or feed multiple papers at one time. It leads to a paper jam in your printer. To avoid or fix these issues, follow the below instructions.

    Printer does not pick paper

    Sometimes, the printer may fail to pick up a paper if already paper is jammed inside it. Check for paper jam and remove the jammed paper.

    • Lift the print cartridge door.
    • Remove the print cartridge from the printer.
    • Take out the paper stack from the input tray.
    • Hold the jammed paper with both hands and remove it completely without tearing.
    • Reinsert the print cartridge.
    • Close the cartridge access door.
    • Load only the printer support media format and also make sure the correct size of paper for your task is loaded.
    • Choose the correct paper size, type, and other paper settings on the printer control panel.
    • Check if the paper guides are set correctly. If the paper guides are pushed tightly against the paper, then the printer may fail to pick up the paper or leads to a paper jam.
    • The printer may not pick up the paper even if the roller above the printer tray is contaminated. In this case, you must clean the rollers. Use a lint-free cloth dampened with warm water.

    Printer picks up multiple sheets

    • Remove the loaded paper stack from the paper tray, flex it gently, rotate it 180 degrees, flip it over. Put back the paper stack into the paper tray.
    • Use paper supported by your HP printer.
    • Make sure paper is not folded, damaged, wet, or wrinkled.
    • Do not overweigh the paper tray. Remove the paper stack if you have overfilled it. Straighten the paper stack and load some of the paper into the tray.
    • Adjust the paper guides to the size of paper but not too tightly.

    Choosing to factory reset your printer may return all your settings, such as printer and network settings, to the factory defaults. But, no changes will be applied to the page count.

    • Launch the HP Embedded Web Server (EWS).

    For Direct-connected printer:

    • Go to HP Printer Assistant.
    • Navigate to the Start menu --> All Apps --> HP.
    • Select your printer model.
    • Choose Print --> HP Device Toolbox.

    For Network-connected printer:

    • Directly print a configuration page to get the IP address or hostname.
    • Hold down the Resume/Cancel button until the Ready light starts blinking.
    • Go to your browser and type the IP address or hostname exactly as on the configuration page. Press the Enter key. The EWS opens shortly.
    • Now, navigate to the Service tab.
    • Click Restore defaults in the Restore Defaults area.